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Leader in Zoning System Products

Our Zoning Systems are complete with Honeywell products, the leader in zoning system solutions since 1945.                               has a complete product line to meet all zoning needs, to include, conventional, communicating, and wireless zone systems. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate or to discuss how D & S Heating and Cooling, Inc. can meet your comfort needs!

A Zoning System Is The Solution

Create many comfort zones while minimizing costs! Whether you are installing a new HVAC system in your home or upgrading your existing heating and cooling unit, consider a Zoning System to help improve the comfort levels and reduce energy costs. The D & S Heating and Cooling team has your zoning solutions and can answer all of your comfort needs.

Zone vs. No Zone System

A No-Zone System will try to cool or warm the entire house equally. This becomes difficult when rooms are different sizes or when rooms have larger windows than others, which in turn, causes the unit to run inconsistently increasing energy costs. 

​A Zone System sections off your home into particular areas that can be independently controlled efficiently. Families today have different lifestyles and comfort needs. For example, maybe your family spends most of their time upstairs or maybe your home needs more cooling during the day than at night. Whatever your needs, a Zoning System can keep each room of your house at the perfect temperature to satisfy these needs.


Established Comfort



Quiet Performance

Does it just feel like there's an imbalance of air flow throughout your house?

Is the upstairs of your house warmer than the downstairs?

Is one side of your house cooling better than the other?

Do you have large windows that are making one room more comfortable than another?

When cooking, does your entire house get too hot?

Having any of these comfort issues in your home?

D & S Heating and Cooling, Inc. can provide solutions to meet many of these comfort needs!