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Simple Steps to Take Before Calling a Technician

These do-it-yourself tips will remedy most common heating and cooling issues, such as, poor air flow, unit not shutting off, or the unit is not coming on.

    (1) Check your filter - dirty filters decrease air flow and can cause your unit to freeze up.

    (2) Check your thermostat and make sure it is on the AUTO setting - if the unit is set on straight cool or heat, it will continuously run and not shut off.

    (3) Check your breaker and make sure it is in the ON position - especially after a storm, you may be trying to turn the unit on and it will not come on if the breaker is kicked. 

Troubleshooting Tips

Let's face it, having a professional perform a semi-annual maintenance check-up is the BEST way to increase your heating and cooling system's life expectancy, efficiency, and help prevent small problems from becoming bigger problems! In most cases, a service call will be needed to fix problems that occur, but there are some things you can do without having to call a technician! 

When To Call D & S!

Although there are steps you can take as a homeowner to prevent having to call a technician, there are times when you definitely should! After you have followed the simple steps we provided above and you are still having problems, contact D & S immediately! 

Poor air flow may be corrected by changing the filter, but if the problem persists then a technician is required to check the condition of your indoor and outdoor coils! 

The unit not shutting off may only be a thermostat setting issue, but if it continues to constantly run, a technician is required to ensure your compressor is functioning properly!

If your unit is still not coming on after taking the simple steps we have provided, a technician is required to ensure the proper voltage is getting to the unit!

Ask D & S

Are you having any issues with your heating and cooling system? Not sure if you need a technician or not? Ask D & S Heating and Cooling, Inc.