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I started operating a Frigidaire appliance dealership in Beaufort in 1962. At that time, the only air conditioning units sold were window units. Our major brands were Fedder and Frigidaire.

About 1964, I started selling central air conditioning and heating systems. This turned into a more lucrative business, so I closed the appliance store and started with whole house heating and cooling. 

First, I attended Beaufort Tech College at night taking AC courses. After completing these courses, I started AC and Cooling installations. In 1965, I opened up and received my first business license to operate in Beaufort County.

I worked from my home garage until 1972 when we moved our operation to Lady's Island and my oldest son Jay joined me after college. We then incorporated and name the company D & S Heating & Cooling.

We have completed installations in many homes over the years. I was the mechanic until my son joined us and we both continued this for years to come. We now have 3 mechanics, a duct crew, and office manager on staff.

We are proudly celebrating 50 years of service to the Beaufort County area and look forward to many more years of service. We value our customers and treat everyone as if they are family.